Pt. Reyes BBQ

My good friend C. invited us to a BBQ in Pt. Reyes, up in the northern part of the Bay Area. It was an oyster-focused picnic, but there was still lots of BBQ to be had. Although I knew C. was a food lover, I didn’t realize what that really meant. What it really meant was that we had tons of GOOD food. Not the usual chips and hot dogs. Nope!  We had lettuce wraps, ribs, tons of fruit and veggies, and even creme brulee — all with some pretty flowers in vases as centerpieces.


One thought on “Pt. Reyes BBQ

  1. Oh-em-GEEZ…I love it, J!! You definitely captured moments that I hadn’t thought about and it’s absolutely mesmerizing. I’m so glad you started this blog b/c I have been itching to see more of your beautiful photos AND quite excited to be even more inclined to purchase a new lens for my b-day!

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